2020 will be a big year for the Youth Committee.  Newly elected, Megan and Brittany are planning on a number of fun, engaging initiatives.  The theme for 2020 is versatility and skills development. 

Keep checking back for new initiatives and schedule of activities


Megan Pack

Exceptional Achievement

A highly accomplished rider, trainer and coach, Megan's strong work ethic and commitment to excellence is a tremendous addition to the youth group.  We are excited to see the new and innovative approach Megan takes with the young riders of the Morgan Horse Club


Brittney Rogers.jpg

Brittany Rogers

A Real Success

With considerable show experience and great success both personally and with her clients, we are honored to have Brittany leading the charge with the young riders.  Her goal is to set them up for success through a proven approach to team building and commitment.



Morgan Youth Conference


Our Youth

The Future of the Equine Industry

The Youth Cub is an excellent way to encourage socializing outside of a horse show setting while still learning new skills along the way. The goal of the Youth Club is to educate our young people on the history of the Morgan Horse and the horse industry. The Youth Club helps to develop skills in different leadership roles, sportsmanship as well as a sense of responsibility for themselves and their horses. With different activities ranging from the CMHA Youth Challenge (held at the annual AB Morgan Horse Show), various Horse Mastership Levels and many other Youth contests.
We hope to see you at our next event.