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Beginning in 1789 from a single stallion, Justin Morgan, today’s Morgan continues to carry the features of its founding sire. A short broad head, small sharp ears, a long laid-back shoulder, deep body and straight, clean-boned legs, make the Morgan the choice of both casual rider and the earnest professional. Once you have owned one Morgan, you will want another.

Their superior intelligence, willingness to learn, and desire to please make the Morgan a pleasure to own. The Morgan gives you the very best it can, for that is the Morgan way. Gentle and tractable, the Morgan is an ideal choice for any family member.

Agility, athletic ability and stamina, make the Morgan and ideal working horse - whether it is used for stock horse events, competitive trail riding, or jumping. The in-bred ground-covering trot make the Morgan the first choice as a driving horse, for pleasure or show.

THE FIRST MORGAN came to Alberta in the late 1800’s with the early settlers migrating from the mid-western United States. These were “using” horses, able to go all day working cattle on the ranches or in harness on the farm. Many an old timer can tell tales of the abilities of these tough little Morgans.

The first record of registered Morgans was of two stallions which were brought to the Cypress Hills ranching country in the 1920’s to cross on the range mares. It was not until the mid-1950’s that this breed was being imported in any numbers.

Today, Morgan horse breeders can be found throughout Alberta from the U.S. border to the Peace River country and can be found utilized in most every way - from pleasure and competitive trail riding, to 4-H and Pony Club mounts, to the finest show horse under saddle and harness.

The Alberta Morgan Horse Club was formed in the late 1960’s. It sponsors a provincial horse show every year, as well as other events such Club as trail rides and a summer horse camp for the Youth members.

Alberta and the N.W.T. constitute a Zone in the Canadian Morgan Horse Association. The Association, through the Canadian Livestock records Corporation, maintains the registry for the Morgan horse in Canada. The Alberta Morgan Horse Club and the Zone co-sponsor the Alberta Horse Improvement Program for Morgan horse evaluations.

As more and more people have discovered the enjoyment of owning a pleasure horse, they have found that the Morgan is perfect for their needs. Alberta leads the way in Canada with Morgan horse registrations and ownership transfers. Alberta breeders maintain breeding stock with the finest bloodlines to be found in the Morgan world. In the past this required the importation of mares and stallions. Now, many breeders take advantage of progressive semen and embryo transfer rules in their breeding programs to raise high quality stock.

Sales of Alberta-bred Morgan horses throughout Canada and the United States attest to the high quality of stock produced.