Safe Places Trail Ride

Saturday July 18, 2020

Equestrians against Bullying are partnering with an Anti-bullying Support group to host the 1st Safe Places Trail ride and cookout

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Safe Places Trail Ride

July 18, 2020

Join us in a trail ride to support victims of Bulling and take a stand against Bullies everywhere.

July 18, 2020  - Blackfoot - South Cooking Lake

Help us bring our worlds together and start the process of rooting out bullying in our sport and extend a helping hand to those who feel they are alone.

Lets stand together and send a clear message that the Alberta Morgan Horse Club is a safe space and we stand against Bullying of any kind.

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Spend time with those that have experienced bullying.  

Talk to a group of Motorcycle enthusiasts that help kids being bullied.

Have fun on the Trail or stay at the camp groups for games and fun activities

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Make a pledge to stand up against bullying and extend a hand of friendship and support.


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