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Part-Bred Morgans

The popularity of the Morgan horse is increasing and so also is that of the Part-Morgan. Noted for its versatility, temperament, willingness, and beauty, the Morgan passes these traits on when crossed with another breed. Any horse with one registered purebred parent is eligible for registration in the Part-Morgan Registry at Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Two of the more popular crosses are the Morgan/Thoroughbred and the Morgan/Arab (Morab). The objective is to select positive characteristics of both parenting breeds and obtain the best of both in the offspring. Some breeders are attempting to develop horses which will challenge the European warmbloods on all levels.

The CMHA Awards System provides a division for the Part Morgan horse and a division of the Equine Canada rule book deals with the rules and regulations for showing the registered Part Morgan.

A Part Morgan is the choice of many families they exhibit many of the trademarks of the Morgan breed, such as physical beauty, endurance, good health in harsh climates, versatility, and a willing and intelligent attitude.

 The Canadian Morgan Horse Association addresses itself to maintaining the registry, and developing promotional programs concerning the country as a whole. The Provincial and local Morgan clubs take charge of regional membership activities such as horse shows, trail rides, clinics, breed displays, point competitions and so forth. Part Morgan owners participate in all aspects of these activities on all levels.

For more information contact the CMHA Office


Part-Bred Representative

Tamara Turgeon - tturgeon@hotmail.com

My love of the part bred morgan came from my current performance horse Tristan (Nanne's Brandia Dancer). I was showing and training Paints when Tristan came in for training. Once I started riding him there was no going back. The versatility and incredible mind of this cross had me hooked. We have competed in a variety of different disciplines and activities together and he has achieve many National Championships and titles in the few years that we have been a team.

I am excited to share my love of the part bred and promote the amazing horses that they are.

Also shown in picture: RDK Find Your Beach (Canadian x Quarter Horse)