Alberta Futurity 

Willa Schwab and Ann de St. Remy lead the Alberta futurity program. 

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Willa Schwab


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Ann de St. Remy



Alberta Futurity

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Purpose and Eligibility

To promote the breeding of quality Morgan horses in Alberta.

The futurity is designed to encourage Morgan breeders and owners to select their animals with the intention of producing top quality conformation, and therefore, top performance horses.

The advertising done by the futurity will recognize and bring merit to winning young horses and their bloodstock.

All horses registered with CMHA, AMHA or BMHS, owned or leased by members in good standing of the AMHC can become eligible for the futurity.

Proof of registration by the time of the yearling class is required.

Fees, Incentives and Penalties

Fees for stallions will be $50. Fees for mares will be $10. The fees for the parents apply for the weanling year only. Fees to nominate weanlings, yearlings, two-year olds, and three-year olds will be $25. Payment is due February 15th of the show year. Weanling owners can pay the stallion and mare nominations if refused by the owners. In order to show in the yearling division, the foal must have been nominated in the weanling year. The same applies to each older age group as well. If the horse is sold, the new owner can continue eligibility in the futurity. If an owner has paid the dam and wanling fees, and no foal is produced that year, the dam and weanling fees can be carried over to the next year

Penalty Fee: If the sire, dam and weanling were properly nominated in the weanling year, a missed year can be paid for at double (2x) the normal fee.

Incentives: $100 will be paid to the nominator of the sire of the first place weanling winner, and $50 to the nominator of the dam of the first place weanling winner. These incentives are paid by the AMHC, thus keeping the entire nomination fees paid, as payback to the Futurity classes.

General Information

Committee: The Futurity shall be run by a standing committee of the AMHC to be appointed at the semi-annual meeting of the AMHC

Divisions: There will be 4 divisions, being weanling, yearling, two-year old, and three-year old.  Weanlings, yearlings, and two-year olds are to be shown in-hand, embracing the current EC rules for presentation of these age groups.  Three-year olds are to be shown either English pleasure or western pleasure, using current EC rules.
There will be four years of showing, being:
1) weanlings, any sex, in-hand
2) yearlings, any sex, in-hand & yearlings, any sex, in-hand suitable to be a western/sport horse
3) two-year olds, any sex, in-hand & two-year olds, any sex, in-hand suitable to be a western/sport horse
4) three-year olds, any sex, under saddle
There is no cross entering between In-hand classes and Suitable to be In-hand classes.
Current EC rules to be used.
Vet certificates will be handled as per the rules in the prize list of the AMHC show.

Sponsorships: The committee is to be responsible for acquiring sponsorships for ribbons and prizes.

Forms: The entry fees for the Futurity classes at the AMHS will be done on a separate form, payable to the Futurity, sent to the Entry secretary.  The Futurity will pay the Show the regular class fee.  The Show will be responsible for the Judge, facility and ribbons (As per the Annual General Meeting Minutes of February 21, 2004).  Post entries will be at double the show entry fee.  Closing date for the AMHC show will apply.

Prizes: Prizes will be made up of nomination fees, donations, and funds received from fund raising activities.  The total of all monies received from the stallion, mare and weanling nominations will each year create a new four-year Futurity Prize Fund, which will exist for four years.  Total received to have 10% removed for office, administration fees.  The remaining 90% shall be divided in half, one half shall be paid to the weanlings on a sliding scale, determined by the number of horses in the class.  The remaining half is to be held in investment for future year’s classes.  Each year, 50% of the reinvested amount will be paid to the next year’s class, and 50% reinvested.  Nomination fees plus an entry fee of $25.00 per class will be added to this amount.  Final distribution to made in the three-year olds division.  Ribbons to be awarded to 8th place.  If there is a class with 25 or more horses entered, the class will be split by gender.  The total prize money will be split 50/50 to each class.
The prize money for the yearling & two year old In Hand classes will be pro-rated as per the number of entries in each class.